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Best Tools For Cutting Tree Branches 2020

Best Overall
Felco F-2
Felco F-2 Check price
Best Mid Range
TABOR TOOLS GG12 Check price
Cheaper Choice
Fiskars X7 Hatchet
Fiskars X7 Hatchet Check price
Best Tools For Cutting Tree Branches 2020

Having a messy lawn or garden with dried branches & unwanted leave which you want to remove to make your home look marvelous, then it definitely needs extraordinary care & maintenance. Most importantly, pruning bushes & tree branches are vital to making a garden look fascinating. However, cutting tree branches & bushes is a daunting task that demands to have proper tools that make it easy for you to access dead & dried branches to remove them to extend the life of trees. It gets quite difficult to remove & prune trees without the proper tools. Taking proper care of trees in the garden or backyard will make them look neat & clean. We have compiled some of the best tools for cutting tree branches in the article. We suggest you have a look at them.

Pruning trees’ branches & bushes become mandatory in the autumn because most of the tree leaves turn dry & starts falling in the season. So, the dry leaves & branches need to be removed before the budding season to give a pleasant & shinier look to your garden. There are many tools available to do the job, but due to the varying length of branches & trees, sometimes it gets impossible to reach the desired branches on trees. Cutting smaller bushes & branches on trees is quite easy as compared to the larger ones. However, there are tools which can help to cut large-sized branches & bushes easily.

There are different kinds of tools available on the market which can be used for cutting branches, like a hand pruner which is capable of pruning trees which are of less than 1-inches of diameter. It makes it easier to cut the branches single-handedly without creating any problem. This type of tool is helpful for cutting ½ inches of diameter but unable to cut thicker branches. Similarly, another tool known as loppers. It is a tool that is used to cut more thick branches usually of size between 11/2 to 2 inches in diameter. Lopper comes with two handles which are extendable in size to make it reachable in cutting large branches easily.

There is another tool used commonly for cutting tree branches which are called pruning saw which has the capacity to cut branches with a 3-inch diameter, but it requires a lot of pressure & focuses to cut the branches of the trees. This tool comes with a sufficient length & gives an easy approach to the branches of trees. All these tools are differently used for different types of branches and trees. However, the chain saws are used to cut large branches with more than 3-inch in diameter & take less time to cut these branches. Some of these tools which can cut thick branches are equipped with electric motors because manually cutting such large trees can consume a lot of time. So, electric chainsaws take power from the motors & quickly cut the large-sized branches.

Remember, maintenance is essential for all such tools which do heavy-duty jobs. This maintenance will increase the life of your tools & will make you able to use them for years.

Things to look for before buying a perfect tool


These cutting tools (pruners) come in various sizes, so it is really important that you hold them in your hand before selecting a pair & make sure that the grip feels comfortable & easily controllable.


These hand tools (pruners) have some sort of a latch to keep them closed when they are not in use. Take your time & test to see it the latch can be opened & closed using your pruning hand.


The pruning process can be very hard on hand joints. So get the best design, because, some styles have handles that swivel & requiring less movement & pressure. On the other hand, some have softer grips & some have rachet action, making the pruner do most of the work. These cutting tools (pruners) are relatively inexpensive.

Check out some of the best tools for cutting tree branches with their specifications & capabilities in our collection of pruning tools.

Best Tools For Cutting Tree Branches (Comparison)

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Our Score 9.5 Out of 10
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Best Mid Range
Our Score 9.0 Out of 10
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Cheaper Choice
Our Score 8.4 Out of 10
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Our Score 7.8 Out of 10
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Felco F-2

Felco F-2 068780 Classic Manual Hand Pruner, F 2

Felco F-2 068780 Classic Manual Hand Pruner, F 2 Check price

Anvil blade with a sap groove
A hardened bolt and nut to assure exact adjustment of both the cutting and anvil blades
Rubber cushion and shock absorber
Ideal pruner for light applications and easil...

Felco F-2 equips Anvil blade along with a sap groove. This specialized sap groove doesn’t let the blade stick to wood when cutting, which otherwise takes a lot of time to clean the debris attached to the blade each time it is used to cut the wood. It carries hardened bolt & a nut to make a sure exact adjustment for cutting of tree branches. The equipment adds a rubber cushion for firm holding & shock absorber to adjust the pressure of the pruner. It is reliable, lightweight & sturdy equipment carries aluminum handles with a limited time guarantee. The quality of the blade is high & clean which precisely cuts the branches smoothly without applying more pressure.

It’s an efficient tool which incorporates cutting adjustment & sap groove. Its ergonomic design makes this tool easy to grip & use when cutting branches. It carries blades which are quite sharp that, it can also be used for cutting of small wires without damaging the edge of the blade. Felco’s micro-adjustment ensures automatic adjustment of cutting the headrest of life with a precise cut. It features a shock absorption system that doesn’t make cutting a hard process & protects your wrist while cutting.  The Felco pruners are the choice of landscape professionals, nursery workers, & savvy gardeners around the world. This exceptionally well-made tool features a design that’s been unchanged for more than 50 years. Which is truly great. It is an Ideal for trimming rose bushes and woody perennials. Felco’s smooth & soft action, ergonomic comfort, & exceptional durability put it in a class of its own. It is also covered by a one-year warranty. However, with proper care, these pruners will last a lifetime without any problem.

The pros
  • High Performing Pruner
  • Easily adjustable & lightweight
  • Wire cutting notch blade
The Cons
  • Average Product


Felco pruner is known for the quality & its stainless steel body. It’s a perfect choice for people who work as a gardener, or in nursery & other professional gardeners who always like to use such a tool for cutting branches due to its convenience. The sap groove restricts the blade from sticking when you are cutting “sappy” wood. FELCO’S micrometric adjustment ensures a clean & precise cut. The cushion & shock absorber of FELCO F2 soften the impact upon finishing cutting.

TABOR TOOLS GG12 (Anvil looper)

TABOR TOOLS GG12A Anvil Lopper with Compound Action, Chops Thick Branches with Ease, 30 Inch Tree Trimmer, Branch Cutter with 2 Inch Clean Cut Capacity.

TABOR TOOLS GG12A Anvil Lopper with Compound Action, Chops Thick Branches with Ease, 30 Inch Tree Trimmer, Branch Cutter with 2 Inch Clean Cut Capacity. Check price

CHOPS THROUGH 2” BRANCHES effortlessly. This KING OF LOPPERS will allow for fast removal of dry and woody growth and is the ideal tool for preparatory cuts and cut-to-length work. The lopper is des...

TABOR Tools brings another amazing & state-of-the-art lopper which can cut branches up to 2-inches effortlessly. It is an ideal lopper which allows fast removal of dry wood branches and for cut-to-length work. It is designed for professional use & make cutting quickly with its extra leverage & quick power. It features a sharp & hardened steel blade which can be used for quick cutting & suitable for heavy use. It doesn’t apply enough friction to the cutter due to its stick coated gliding blade which makes cutting a hassle-free job. This tool doesn’t require the user to put extra pressure & can be used easily, even by novice users. It helps you to make each cut quickly with its sharp blade. The TABOR GG12 tool equips comfortable grips by adding rubberized grips on both of the handles to let users strongly & convenient grip the tool without slipping into the hands. It offers great advantages & strength that efficiently navigate on the larger limbs. Its handles are ergonomically designed to facilitate a comfortable grip & easy cutting. It is perfectly a balanced, depending & powerful tool to use in the garden.

Furthermore, the swiveling blades give perfect cut for green & dry wood branches to be used in the backyard or garden as well. This tool is specifically designed by keeping the comfort level in mind & great functionality, featuring ergonomically contoured grips, creative mechanisms, & coated blades for a sharper, longer-lasting cut. The compound action blade has more moving parts which multiply the force applied to the blades three times. Because of its design, Anvil loppers can cut thicker branches than bypass. Which makes this tool an excellent choice for trimming. This is the best tool you can have when you have a beautiful garden that needs constant maintenance & cleaning to make a magnificent environment.

The pros
  • Compound action system
  • 30” long handles with grip
  • Anvil Blade
The Cons
  • Require more pressure to cut


The long-handled lopper gives easy access to the branches & perfectly cut branches with the anvil blade. The tool is really worth investment & perfect to use comfortably. This tool is precision-ground & comes with a non-stick upper blade along with the superb cutting geometry permit exceptionally smooth, clean cutting of branches with best force transmission.​ So, treat yourself with one of the most powerful loppers on the market today.

Fiskars X7 Hatchet 14”

Fiskars 378501-1002 X7 Hatchet

Fiskars 378501-1002 X7 Hatchet Check price

Ideal for chopping kindling and small- to medium-sized logs
Chops deeper with each swing to get more done faster
Perfected balance and power-to-weight ratio increases swing speed to multiply power,...

Fiskars Corporation is one of the leading global suppliers of consumer products, especially for the home, garden & outdoors. So, keeping the same great reputation they have made another cutting master class with the name Fiskars X7 Hatchet. It is just like an ax, but way better & sharper than a normal ax. It is a 14-inch lopper which helps in chopping small to large-sized logs with great frequency & power. It strikes deeply on the logs to chop them faster.  Its superior quality blade offers a sharper edge & precise cuts to make cutting easy. It has a perfect weight & generates maximum power when striking against the log. It’s ergonomically designed long handle is virtually unbreakable & give long-lasting use. The company is a leading supplier of home improvement products globally & offering a wide range of products to its users. It features a proprietary blade grinding technique that gives a sharper edge & visible cuts on the logs. It incorporates a low-pressure blade that easily powers through the wood & prevents the head from getting stuck. It is lightweight, but a powerful lopper to cut through the hardened woods & make them into pieces in no time.  It is very comfortable & convenient to use for wood cutting.

Fiskars X7 is basically made in Finland. It comes with wedge shape powerhead & ultra-sharp cutting/chopping-edge coupled with the ergonomic hand-friendly 14-inch handle, this hatchet will definitely exceed your expectations without a doubt.

The pros
  • Superior blade
  • Easy grip
  • Short length
The Cons
  • Little pricey


Fiskars offers a powerful & convenient Hatchet which is not useful for cutting logs, but it is equally good to cut tree branches into pieces. Its special head shape maximizes every swing ensuring a sure split on medium size logs. Depending on your way, you can actually make splitting logs an easy experience, because Fiskars does as it claims & will split logs easily & quickly. Fiskars axes are specially crafted with a special grinding technique that gives a sharper edge for better contact as well as better & cleaner cuts. Not only that, but Fiskars also stay sharp longer & include low-friction coating. Which makes this an awesome tool for cutting jobs.

Fiskars 91466935J 28” Bypass Lopper

Fiskars 28 Inch Bypass Lopper Black/Orange (391461-1003)

Fiskars 28 Inch Bypass Lopper Black/Orange (391461-1003) Check price

Ideal for cutting green, living growth like tree branches
Fully hardened, precision-ground blade stays sharp through heavy use
Rust-resistant, low-friction coating helps the blade glide through woo...

Fiskars promotes achievement as well as self-expression by focusing on easy to use, super & innovative tools to make gardening, cooking & crafting more accurate & enjoyable. Bypass Lopper is one of the best innovations that Fiskars has ever made.

Fiskars 28-inch Lopper is a perfect tool for tree & shrub care. It is useful for clean cuts into branches with sharp & durable loppers. Its hardened steel blade stays sharp, even after the lengthy use. It features a shock-absorbing bumper which eliminates the jarring end of the cut. It carries a special blade coating that creates low friction when gliding through the wood & prevents the blade from getting stuck. It can easily cut branches up to 1-1/2 inch in diameter with precision & its steel blade stays sharp even after long use. Fiskars come with a lifetime warranty which makes it an ideal choice to be used for home gardening. The lopper works smoothly on tree branches when cutting & comfortable enough providing lasting value. Its ergonomic grips make it comfortable equipment to grip & maneuver easily through the awkward angles. Its durable steel handles make a strong grip & offer heavy use. It has rubber bumpers to stop the motion after the strike. It’s super sturdy made, you get this feeling right after when you hold this Bypass Lopper from Fiskars. The heavyweight indicates the high-quality of the item. This is a perfect tool for big cutting tasks & offers a cleaner look for living in the garden. This is known as one of the best tools for cutting.

The pros
  • Low friction & Rust Resistant
  • Shock absorbing bumper
  • Smooth maneuvering
The Cons
  • Take time to find new blades


Fiskars bypass lopper is an ideal tool for smooth cutting, its blades are easily replaceable & a complete package for garden care & backyard management. You can choose Fiskars Bypass Lopper for smooth, & easy cuts on tree branches, for comfortable use & lasting value. It is a fully hardened, precision-ground blade that stays sharp, & its low-friction coating helps it resist against rust while making every cut even much easier. What else a consumer needs when Fiskars is offering a lifetime warranty for this particular item. This offer makes this tool ideal for all types of cutting jobs.


BLACK+DECKER BDCR20C 20V MAX Reciprocating Saw with Battery and Charger

BLACK+DECKER BDCR20C 20V MAX Reciprocating Saw with Battery and Charger Check price

Variable speed trigger for increased control
Pivoting shoe for increased control
Tool-free blade change
Part of black+decker 20V max* system

The BLACK+DECKER BDCR20C Reciprocating Saw is one of the amazing cutting tools that the company has ever produced. The device is super light in weight and equally easy to use. This versatile tool makes your cutting jobs a lot easier. It is equipped with a very powerful motor that produces 3000 SPM, and if you want to control the speed of the device, a variable trigger is also there to control the speed. It also has easy and adjustable pivoting shoe which makes this tool easier to handle. The device works exactly on 20 volts. A question arises here that how many strokes does this produces per minute? Well, the answer to this question is from 0 to 3000 strokes per minutes, these strokes are plenty in a minute.

This reciprocating tool comes with a blade which is normally 5 inches in length and allows you to add maximum up to 12”, and the good thing is that this blade setting is standard, which means whatever brand do you have, it can easily fit into the device without any hassle. This is one of the best tools you will ever get especially for pruning purposes, and better than many hand trimmers and other hand type loppers.

The pros
  • Easy to handle
  • Light in weight
  • Comes with warranty
The Cons
  • Less battery life


With 2- years of long time warranty and unique functioning and design, this trimming tool is a perfect gift for gardening matters particularly good for old age homeowners who have plenty of trees and other plants in their yard.

Overall Conclusion

We know that you are always very curious about the best looks of your garden, backyard & lawn. You do not compromise the beauty of your property. One thing which makes you worry or can spoil the whole overall looks of your garden is, those unwanted, overlapping tree branches which give untidy looks. To ease your this worry we have compiled some of the best tree branches cutting tool for pruning. Because pruning, not just only helps to keep your landscaping or garden beautiful, but it is also necessary to promote tree growth as well as their overall health.

In order to do your best pruning, you will need the right tools to get it all done. This is what we have done through this research. We have gathered the best tools for you here to make the pruning process easier for you. After all, your million dollars garden deserves to look neat & tidy. So, why don’t you choose the right tool for your garden right now?