Best Racquetball Racquets for Beginners 2020

(Last Updated On: November 7, 2020)

Racquetball is a famous sport being played all over the world using a small rubber ball & small-sized racquet. Joseph Sobek is known as the inventor of this sport who invented this back in 1950. Unlike traditional racquet sports, this is quite a different kind of sport as this doesn’t involve hitting the ball over the net. A racquetball game is played between two players & each need to return the ball to the court, if any of the players fails to return the ball to the court then the opponents get a score.

Racquetball is not only a sport but a cardiovascular exercise that keeps players active & helps to refine their coordination skills as well. The game is played like tennis & squash but with a different set of rules. It involves hitting a ball powerfully with a racquet requiring the player to use their control while hitting the ball & show their maneuverability skills. However, it requires the player to perfectly hit the ball with the reasonable force so that the ball strikes the front ball & bounce back to the floor. So, the use of the right racquet along with the right technique is very important to be successful in the game. We have compiled some of the best racquetball racquets for beginners in the article. We suggest you have a look at them.

Racquetball is played by the people of all ages & genders including adults, teenagers & people of old ages. A racquetball court & equipment are generally required to play the game between two players. However, the racquet is the most important element in winning any racquetball game, so it is important to choose the right equipment to play by your heart. There are certain features of the racquet which makes your technique effective & plays an important role in playing a natural game.

A standard racquet is 22-inch long which is quite smaller than tennis racquet & its weight is an important element player consider when buying a one. Its weight can predict the power of racquet which gives better control & maneuverability. The second important thing to consider is its material, grip, & balance it offers to hit the ball. The racquet shape & string surface makes a huge impact when playing optimal shots in the court. The selection of the right racquet influences the balance, speed, power as well as control of the player. So, it is important for a player to choose the equipment that offers maneuverability & playability at the same time.

We have compiled a list of racquetball racquets to help players in picking the best racquet for the game. This list consists of various brands of racquets along with the comparison of their features, pros, & cons. The following list will guide the players so that they can make a wise choice & get every value of their money. Readout more about the best racquets for racquetball sports & make your own choice as below:

Best Racquetball Racquets for Beginners (Comparison)

HEAD Graphene Radical22 x 11 x 1 inches0.4 PoundsCheck Price
E-Force Chaos24 x 21.5 x 0.9 inches0.6 PoundsCheck Price
HEAD MX HurricaneN/A0.8 PoundsCheck Price
Wilson Racquetball20.5 x 10.4 x 1.3 inches0.8 PoundsCheck Price
Deluxe Racquetball Starter KitN/A2.2 PoundsCheck Price


HEAD Graphene Radical

HEAD brings an oval-shaped Graphene Radical racquet featuring intelligible technology which is famous all over the world for its quality & performance. It is a lightweight racquet having 170 grams of weight with sturdy build making it possible to shot perfectly during the game. The equipment offers a 3-5/8-inch strong & sticky grip which gives stronghold. This grip is made up of PU material that avoids moisture & keeps it comfortable to hold for hours. It features 106 sq. inches of the head surface & teardrop shape making a large sweet spot enhancing precision & control during the game. The racquet comes with a standard length of 22-inches making it ideal to hit the ball hard in the court. It is perfectly sized, features a frame that is made up of graphite & titanium to enables players to use it comfortably. It is a pre-strung racquet that combines power, precision, control, & accuracy during the game & assists players in the game. It is quite helpful for young players to start their career in a racquetball game because it is lightweight & offers great maneuverability. Because of its less moisture ability on grip area & lighter weight, players can swing it smoothly in wrist flicking as it gets quicker to respond to the ball in the court also because of its small grip.  Many famous racquetball players like Rockey Carson & Paola Longoria have been using Head Graphene equipment for their games because this is a reliable choice for the racquet. One of the highly recommended racquet.

It incorporates 16 gauge stringsPrice is bit higher
Equips durable frame
Large string surface


This is an overall good rated racquet offering ideal length & weight for the game. Its sturdy build makes it useable for longer periods providing a great value of money. The best thing about this product is, it features a soft grip that is made up of special PU material which lessens moisture while holding the racquet during the game.




E-Force Chaos Racquet

It is a lightweight racquet with a weight of 160 grams comes in Quadraform shape to offer solid equipment for professional players. E-force has introduced the graphite frame in this model to let players play tirelessly in the fast-paced games to enjoy great maneuverability. Its equips 22-inch long strings surface with 10.5-inch cross strings which are evenly balanced that ultimately maximizes deflection to make an accurate & powerful hitter in the game. E-Force Chaos Racquet comes with a bypass stringing system means main strings skip every 2-holes, so the ball does not strike 2 main strings at once, which provides power & livelier ball response. Furthermore, it also has monster string holes, these extra-large holes easily allow both main & cross strings to be anchored on the outside of the frame for more stringbed deflection & power. It equips zero Richter tubes that improve the overall responsiveness & lessens vibrations upon hitting. E-Force offers variants in weights ranging 160, 170, 175, 190 & two grip to let the players pick the one according to their convenience. This is a perfect racquet for intermediate & professional level players because it requires sufficient experience to get acquainted with the technology which is incorporated in this racquet & then apply it wisely to improve the techniques. It is great equipment for power-hitting & gives an edge to the player over the opponent. E-Force stands for its creativity & diversity of equipment making a good reputation among the players.

It is one of the best performing racquets on the market & comes at an affordable cost & offers great value of money.

It is lightweight & durableNot suitable for older people (60 Plus)
Multiple sizes available
Good control


E-force has earned a lot of fame on the market due to its wonderful performance & technologically advanced features which give this a distinction. The positive side of the rocket is, it is heavily made, rugged & has very little vibration.



HEAD MX Hurricane

Honestly speaking Head MX Hurricane is the most valuable & high-quality racquet at such an amazing price. It is a lightweight, well balanced & 107-inch adequately sized racquet for beginners. The overall construction of the racquet is quite effective & carries enough features with the metal frame making it a better choice for types of players. It comes in a package that includes protective eyewear for safety along with two blue balls to let you start your game quite comfortably without worries of getting injured. It offers a 3-5/8 inch grip which makes playing racquetball more convenient because of the stronghold & frequent maneuverability during the game.  It is the best selling equipment & offers a good choice of starter racquet. Furthermore, HEAD MX Hurricane guaranteed amazing experience & considered as the best choice by professional players as compare to other regular grip racquets. Head MX Hurricane comes with a carry case to facilitate players to take it along anywhere they want without any problem. If you are looking for a smart & amazing racquet in an affordable price range, then you are lucky to have an MX hurricane for your game. It is also quite helpful in making powerful shots because of its sturdy frame & solid strings. Head MX hurricane easily fits in hands & due to its lightweight; it swings in a better way. So, if you are looking for a complete set of the racquet as a beginner, then HEAD MX Hurricane is the best choice for you as compared to all other racquet brands.

Well balanced racquetLimited color options
Sturdy frame
Less price


Though it comes at an economical price, that doesn’t mean it has low quality. It features a sturdy metal frame with a good string net & a durable build that absorbs shocks smoothly. This racquet specially features ‘Damp Plus’ which absorbs all impact vibration before it reaches the handle for better feel & increased precision.



Wilson Racquetball All Gear Set

Wilson introduces Racquetball All Gear Set with a state-of-the-art striker racquet, which offers everything that a player needs to get a start. This racquet is specially made in the USA that bears good quality & trusted by lots of professional players. It comes in a powerful & sturdy aluminum alloy frame which makes it easy to swing the equipment comfortably & also don’t let the players feel a vibration while playing. It equips spring net with impact resistance which adds the capability to withstand strong shock applied to it. It offers a pack 2 blue balls for starters & lynx protective eye guards to keep eyes safe & play comfortably. This equipment is perfect for learning racquetball games & ideal to hold due to its lightweight. Its well-balanced construction makes a smooth swing & lets the players exercise great maneuverability. It is incredible equipment & reasonably priced to suit the needs of beginner & intermediate level players.  Wilson has been offering a range of racquetball equipment & it has combined all essential features in the product which enables powerful strike & flawless maneuvering. Its overall look gives inspiration to the racquetball lovers who can groom their skills. This Wilson Racquetball All Gear Set offers the best racquet experience for players. So, for the money, no one can beat it. There is the only thing to keep in mind that, this actually is a starter set. However, it still gives really good value for a low-level player or starting player. Which makes it ideal & worth buying.

DurableNormal quality
Comfortable racquet
Shock resistant & anti-vibration racquet


It is a simple, smart & sturdy racquet made particularly for USA racquetball & suitable for beginner, intermediate & professional level players at a reasonable price. One of the best recommendations for all racquet lovers, because it offers everything for a new player. When you are equipped with Wilson’s Racquetball All Gear Set, you don’t need to pay extra at the gym for borrowing.




Deluxe Racquetball Starter Kit

This starter kit from Python Racquetball is perfect for the beginners and goes well for the professionals as well. This kit is perfectly engineered to provide you an ergonomically stable design. The kit includes the Ektelon EXO Toron 160 Racquet, Dunlop Atomic Blue Racquetball, Python Xtreme View Black Eyeguard, Python 3 Racquet Racquetball Bag. All accessories equip the unbreakable, high-grade material of construction that provides a longer life span to all of this equipment. The racquetball bag can endure the heavy wear and tear via the sturdy and strong material used in its construction. The bag pack is made up of very sturdy and high-quality material.

Considering the main accessory, which is the racquet itself, is of premium quality. It offers a perfect grip size of about 3 5/8’’ which is easy to handle and lets you provide a sufficient force. The strings provide a low-gauge construction that can deal with the maximum stress force in minimal reaction time. This means that only a smaller point of contact can produce a sharp effect. The whole frame finishes with the graphite infused structural component that yields a longer life span. Google also comes along with the package that has a supporting strap at the back for your convenience. Overall great kit.

Low gauge stringsStrings lose quickly if not taken care
High grip handle
Graphite infused frame


This Deluxe Racquetball Starter Kit from Python Racqueketball is simply amazing and ideal for all the beginners out there. Kits include everything that a beginner needs.



Overall Conclusion

Choosing a Racquet can be a quite difficult decision. It also may seem daunting with all of the racquets out there & with how expensive they can be, you would certainly want to make sure that you get the right racquet for you. Generally, there are several matters which you need to see before buying a perfect piece for yourself, like, the weight of the racquet, overall construction of the racquet like strong frame & high-quality strings, balance, non-slippery grips, brand, etc. All of these factors really matter, because when you combine all these factors you get a quality product.

Also, before you start you need to see what sort of racquet fulfills your needs. You would love to have such a racquet which makes you feel comfortable while playing the game. In case you are feeling hard to decide which product is better, we have simplified it for you here with a simple review. You can choose anyone from these models as they are rated best by most of the professional players.


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