Best LV Bags For Moms 2020

(Last Updated On: November 7, 2020)

Handbags are the storing satchels that help anyone to store the valuables as well as everyday items safely. There are several types of handbags available these days in the market. You have to choose the right product that matches your persona and can make you look out of the box. Bags also come in a variety of options according to the outfits, mood, and occasion. Your handbags will hence define your status, fashion sense, and style statement.

Handbags are providing several benefits to both young as well as the old generation. Utilizing these handbags, women of every age can carry her everyday items and her valuable accessories. Apart from all this, these handbags play an essential role in the life of mothers. Mothers find it very comfortable as well as classy to wear a stylish handbag that makes them look fashionable and help them to secure their belongings. A mother can carry a lot of everyday items from the lipstick to a baby bottle comfortably in these bags. We have compiled some of the best LV bags for moms in the article. We suggest you have a look at them.

There are several types of handbags. Many brands are focusing on providing the best quality and durable handbags. Louis Vuitton (LV) is struggling to make the best product of any mother’s choice that helps her look out of the box. First of all, there are tote bags that are the best choice for any mother to go shopping with a baby in hand. Tote bags are famous for their sizes. Hence, these provide the best option for holding a large number of items to keep the hands free for the baby. Also, apart from storing massive objects, these types of bags are helpful to keep all the baby essentials with you.

Well, as a mother, you may need to travel to so many different places on the go. You may need to attend an office meeting as well as a parent’s teacher meeting of your kid. Satchel handbags are the type you need to employ for this purpose. This bag can deal with a lot of stuff, including cameras, water bottles, sunscreen lotions, and many more. Also, these bags have a specialization of being light in weight so you can carry it all day long. Even another benefit these satchel bags are offering is their suitability with every attire.

There are also unique bags that come along with the small diaper bags. These bags are hence perfect for a new mother as there lies a need to carry the diapers along with. Also, these types of bags have separate compartments to take all the baby essential, including baby bottles, wipes, diapers, moisturizers, and many more. Such bags offer complete comforts and also give a stylish look.

Hence, handbags are providing several useful functionalities depending upon their type and usage. Some bags come with a beaded work, some with the woven work, and some utilize the plain leather material in construction for a sleek look. You need to choose the best product of your choice and need. LV bags are famous because of their high-standard quality, unique designs, and durability. There are several bags with different shapes and designs LV offers but let’s have a look at the most demanding bags for ladies especially for moms:-

Best LV Bag For Moms (Comparison)

Tote Handbag N4404516 x 12 x 4 inches5 PoundsCheck Price
Damier Ebene N413582.5 x 6.5 x 11.5 inches6 PoundsCheck Price
Rose BallerineMM N4160512.6 x 6.5 x 11.5 inches6 PoundsCheck Price
Speedy Bandouliere 30 N4136711.8 x 6.7 x 8.3 inches5 PoundsCheck Price


LV Damier Ebene Tote N44045

This LV Damier Ebene tote N44045 is a perfect combination of lightweight along with the durable quality features. This handbag is entirely graceful and classic in its style. Apart from being trendy in manner, these handbags are utterly light in weight. This feature helps women to carry these bags all day long on their shoulders without any muscle stretch. An interesting thing to note is that this product came in the market back in 2007 but is still in high demand due to its design and sturdy features.

The material of construction is pure leather, which has coats of different colors and tints to make it look extraordinarily stylish. This bag is adequately spacious to fill any of the everyday essentials and provide you dual straps to handle the weight. The shiny golden badge rings to support the handles maks the look even classier. The handles of this bag are entirely flat in shape, which makes sure that you can hold the bag on the shoulder for a more extended period. Hence, the design of this bag is entirely mother-friendly, as you have to keep the hands free for the baby.

The inner canvas also has the inside pocket with zipping to keep your credit cards, ATM cards, and money safe and secure. The unique textile lining in the texture makes the bag even trendier, and you’ll feel much more confident while taking it out in the gatherings. The additional features include the magnetic patch closure, zipped pocket, cowhide leather trim, and brass rivets.

Flat shoulder strapsNo zip
Name tag
Magnetic patch closure


This Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene Tote handbag N44045 is perfect for mothers or any other women who want to carry some significant amount of items efficiently. You can walk all day without any fatigue on shoulders.



LV Neverfull MM Damier Ebene N41358

This stylish Neverfull Ebene handbag N41358 is all about a luxurious item that is in trend for so many years now. This handbag is famous for its versatility and class. Apart from this, this bag has an ample inner canvas space that can hold a considerable amount of heavy stuff. As suggested by the name, this bag can never be full. This feature helps a lot of women, including mothers who need to carry their everyday items as well as the baby’s needs.

This handbag is of tote type, which you can easily customize by just stretching the side straps. This makes the bag smaller and sleeker in shape whenever you need it. As it can carry a large number of items, this attribute makes the bag suitable for traveling. This tote handbag utilizes durable material in its construction that ensures its longer life and robust in its strength. According to the test surveys, this Neverfull tote bag can hold up to 90 kilograms of weight, which is really massive.

The best part of this Louis Vuitton bag is the material of construction. This LV bag uses coated canvas material that is not the leather but makes the bag much stronger. On the other hand, to support significant weight and provide additional comfort, the straps make use of leather material. This LV bag is available in different colors enabling you to have the perfect match with an outfit. Also, the bag’s interior has many colors available. The inner canvas also has a textile-lined pocket that keeps your valuable stuff safe. Additional features include the cowhide leather trim and golden metallic decorations.

Removable zipper clutchNot have the main zip
Inner zip pocket
Metallic decorations


Ease your life on the go with this trendy and sophisticated brown textured Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM Damier Ebene Bag N44045. The construction of the bag is very solid overall.



LV Damier Azur Neverfull MM N41605

Having the perfect Louis Vuitton detail and textures, this Azur Neverfull MM N41605 bag is featuring so many trendy attributes. This bag has a unique characteristic of spaciousness without having bulky weight. This means that the material of construction is so light in weight that makes it suitable for any woman to keep on the shoulder for many hours. This LV bag is a lot more spacious than any other bag to hold a massive amount of items ranging from lipsticks, makeup products to the baby’s milk bottles. Well, if you don’t want to carry large items, you can easily stretch the side laces of the book for a thinner and sleek look.

The inside pockets are well-lined with the textile textures as in the other LV bags. Also, the zip inside makes sure that you don’t lose your valuables. The material of construction is entirely canvas and represents the heritage details in the best way. The Damier Azur canvas is all about durability and sturdiness as it gets a trim with cowhide leather. This canvas material serves several benefits for its users as you can clean the surface with a wet clothe easily.

The tanning process provides the color onto the cowhide leather trimmings. This tanning process looks so genuine that even the marks and irregularities in the leather’s texture appear. Hence, by using the bag for a few days, this also gets more beautiful in looks. An additional pouch comes with this LV bag to carry some other essential, including cell-phone, cards, and keys. This pouch makes access to these essentials easier.

D metallic ringsBright color needs more cleaning
2 top handles
Damier Azur coated canvas


Having hook closure patch and four sides’ laces, this Louis Vuitton Damier Azur Neverfull MM N41605 bag is all you need for everyday use.



LV Damier Ebene Canvas Bandouliere 30 N41367

This LV Bnadouliere bag is trending these days due to its unique style and sophisticated features. This bag N41367 utilizes the Damier Ebene Canvas material in its construction. This canvas material is so sturdy and weight-bearing that it can hold a considerable amount of accessories without tearing up. Furthermore, this attribute provides these bags with longer life.

This bag is best for tourists as it represents a box-style structure to hold clothes and other items. An interesting thing to note that is the one-piece canvas of this bag. All the bag is finished through a single piece of leather, no cuts and strings are there. To add more to the style, leather handles and trimmings enhance the overall appearance. The shoulder straps are also comfortable, which helps you to carry heavy items with ease. These straps also make use of leather material and come in three-pieces. It can fill all your daily life essentials comfortably, but if you want a bigger one then go for size 30.

The Damier Ebene canvas is another point of attraction for this Bandouliere bag. This brown check texture is leaving behind the old-styled traditional look. The leather handles make the right combination with the ebene canvas. Also, the leather may get patina over time and looks more appealing. Additional features include the cowhide trims, golden hardware, elbow carry handles, double zip to lock and secure and inside flat pockets. Also, the package consists of the real LV padlock to secure your valuables.

Elbow carry handlesA bit expensive
Textile lining
Inside pocket


With the trendy textures and noticeable features, this Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene Canvas Bandouliere N42367 bag is a perfect fit for travelers and mothers.




Louis Vuitton handbags make use of durable and sturdy canvas material in their construction. This material makes sure that the bag doesn’t get tear out during the application. Also, the Ebene canvas material ensures you easy cleaning. Most of the products are well-designed and provide a sophisticated look in addition to a lot of carrying benefits. Some products mentioned above of LV bags are ruling the market these days. You can analyze their detailed features, pros, and cons.


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