Best Field Watches Under 500$ 2020

(Last Updated On: November 7, 2020)

Field watches are traditional military watches, which were worn by soldiers during World War I and World War II. Like other watches, they are meant to tell time accurately, but these watches are best known due to their sturdy construction and quite elegant. These are stainless steel watches that make them dust free and waterproof to be used for a long time. Most of the field watches come with canvas, Zulu or leather NATO strap to make them durable and prevent damage in the field. Field watches have been in use since the end of World War I and II.

Anciently wristwatches were strictly made for women due to the fulfillment of their fashion needs, but the advent of field watches led to the use of dainty watches for men. Since then field watches have become a common accessory for men. Watches remained an important tool for military men due to their capability to tell time accurately and other life-saving features. This is why field watches are also known as life-saving gadgets, these are easy to carry on the wrist, lightweight, tough and these watches are frequently worn by military men today. These watches are very famous all over the world. We have compiled some of the best field watches under 500$ in the article. We suggest you have a look at them.

Field watches are meant to fulfill specific standards in terms of timekeeping and durability. These watches are famous for their accuracy due to their analog mechanism of working and sustain tough weather conditions. These watches are very useful to wear in the field and come with adjustable straps to fulfill the diverse needs of users. Unlike their traditional look, modern field watches carry sophisticated features, depict versatile presentation and offer dozens of styles. The field watches have an edge over its longevity and durability as well. These tend to offer more style, fashionable and make an impression on the wrists of men and women both.

These watches are made for use in the most grueling environment in the outdoor setting by adding a style to your personality. Since these watches got popularity among many consumers and their use has been increased, that is why keeping the color choice of the consumers in mind, these watches now are available in a variety of colors, styles, and materials as well. These watches add a sense of creativity, associate with certain beliefs and heritage. Field watches depict the transition of the mindset of our modern society and get connected with the ancient values.

There is a variety of field watches available ranging in color, pattern, style, shape, and size as well. These watches are widely available in local as well as online stores, offers a huge variety to the consumers to pick the best that suits their personalities and styles. This is the reason why, we also have dug out some of the amazing collections for our viewers, each carrying a unique style and get strapped to your wrist easily. This is going to help watch enthusiasts in the smooth buying experience and saves their time to find a reliable brand on the market. Check out some of the most amazing field watches below:-

Best Field Watches Under 500$ (Comparison)

Hamilton Khaki Watch5.5 x 5.4 x 4.8 inches0.7 PoundsCheck Price
Citizen Men's Eco-Drive0.6 x 0.6 x 0.6 inches0.5 PoundsCheck Price
Seiko Men's SNK8053.3 x 3.8 x 3.3 inches0.4 PoundsCheck Price
Seiko Men's SNK8095.9 x 5.9 x 5.9 inches0.5 PoundsCheck Price


Men’s Hamilton Khaki Watch

Hamilton brings a unique collection of men’s watches, which are perfect to wear outdoors. These rugged watches offer sturdy construction, but still, look stylish. This Khaki Watch is marketed as a 42mm stainless steel case with a dazzling black dial. The watch carries silver-tone luminescent hand and Arabic style markers, it’s a mechanical watch fitted into a sapphire resistant-free body. This is a waterproof watch up to a limit of 50m with a lot of features to carry on your wrist. The watch is equipped with NATO green strap with stainless steel buckle to easily carry around the wrist. The watch uses mechanical movement with scratches, body and comfortably worn on the wrists. The watch offers different sizes of straps to be worn by men requiring a different size. If you want to make an impression with a military watch, then Hamilton Khaki field watch is the best option for you. It tells the time in seconds, minutes, hours and quite lightweight to be worn easily by men. Hamilton watch speaks of its quality construction and sturdy build, it is a perfect gift anyone can send to a family, friend or loved one. The green color strap perfectly complements the silver case with a display of 12 hours and 24 hours of time. The watch looks great on the wrist and makes a good presence in the hand. Hamilton Khaki is a great watch to wear for an outdoor environment.

Perfect watchNothing worse
Easy to read


The Hamilton Khaki Men’s watch is a perfect treat to get to your wrist. It is a classical army watch that adds grace to your wrist. Perfect for all kinds of environments.




Citizen Men’s Eco-Drive

Citizen is a pioneer watch manufacturer which has been offering a unique range of wristwatches for men and women. Citizen’s watch with Eco-Drive technology is the newly designed watch which brings a classical watch for men. This new technology enables this watch to convert any source of natural or artificial light into energy dispensing the need for recharging with the help of batteries. It stores the energy into cells built in the watch to be useable by the watch later. This technology helps in the constant supply of energy to this watch and don’t require changing the batteries in the future. Citizen Men’s Stainless Steel Watch offers a dazzling look with a 45mm case diameter incorporating grey luminous hands to offer an elegant style to men. A brown leather strap with contrast stitching makes perfect combination and impression on the wrist. Citizen Field watch gives an amazing opportunity to send as a Christmas gift and perfect to be worn on a daily basis. It’s tough construction, contemporary look and weather resistant qualities make this a top choice of men today. Citizen Eco-drive gets aligned with jeans and khakis and offers a good sense of fashion and style to men. The watch carries good finishing, beautiful strap and weightless to be easily worn on the wrist without any hassle. The watch offers multiple time formats such as 12 and 24 hours with a display of date which automatically keeps on changing. Though the watch incorporates a rechargeable cell in the watch which gets automatically recharged when exposed to sunlight. This watch has the capability to be charged with fluorescent lamps or interior home lighting giving sufficient charge to the watch. Though the watch incorporates a rechargeable cell in the watch which gets automatically recharged when exposed to sunlight.

Stainless steel watchWinding nob
Leather strap
Eco-Drive Technology


Citizen Eco-Drive brings a contemporary look watch for men that perfectly go with their sense of fashion while accurately tell the time. This watch has the capability to charge itself with artificial light that we use in the home and lasts the charging for six months.




Seiko Men’s SNK805

Seiko has introduced a range of field watches for men and its SNK805 Seiko 5 model is yet another affordable choice on the market. Seiko SNK805 brings a military-inspired watch by incorporating green dial and strap of the same color to make an impression. The watch offers day, date and time in multiple formats with an amazing presentation of the watch to facilitate users. The watch offers automatic movement with an analog display which tells the time accurately. The watch incorporates a green nylon strap adding buckle closure and elegant look. Seiko offers a water-resistant watch that can sustain up to 30m and withstand short immersion, but keep in mind that, the watch is not at all suitable for swimming.

The watch is perfect for outdoor adventure and casual wear allowing men to adopt a unique style and full their unique sense of fashion. Its luminous display ensures visibility and combines three colors to offer an amazing look on the wrist. Seiko SNK805 is designed for outdoor enthusiasms like camping and hiking, it is proven to be useful for business use. the silver-tone hands and date window is exclusively designed to enhance the presentation of the watch, the watch doesn’t need any battery and keeps moving due to its automatic movement. The watch is designed to work automatically with the movement of the arm and doesn’t require charging with the battery.

Water-resistantYou have to be very careful with rotor wheel
Easy to wear
Tough and solid construction


Seiko offers a scratch-less and waterproof watch with its matching green canvas and strap to make a unique look to the watch. Seiko SNK805 automatic watch comes at an affordable range to fulfill the fashion needs of men.



Seiko Men’s SNK809 5

Seiko SNK809 5 is an automatic stainless steel watch with a dazzling black canvas strap. The watch has got a black dial with luminous hands showcasing Arabic numerical hours in a unique manner. The watch displays date and time accurately and automatically work without the support of any battery, but use arms movement to get power automatically. Its stainless steel case enclosing the black dial and markers around the rim makes the perfect combination. Seiko SNK809 luminous markings make it easy to view time in the dark and get it easily on hands-on different sizes due to its adjustable strap which keeps it fit for everyone. It is made with scratch-resistant hardlex crystal, analog display with sturdy build and design. The watch is made with a 37mm steel case, water-resistant and amazing finishing. This watch is suitable to use for snorkeling as well as for swimming because of its water resistance capability. If you wear this watch for approximately 8 hours a day, then you will not need to charge it for a long time. This is a highly rated field watch with a positive response from the consumers and really popular among men due to its unique shape and design. An extremely lightweight watch to carry on the wrist, its stainless steel construction and stunning dial case make an outstanding watch to have in personal collections. It’s an everyday use watch, looks great, self-winding and comes at an affordable price.

Water-resistantTrouble setting second hand
Adds great value
Accurately tells time


This is a great watch to wear by men carrying scratch less and luminous case, strong strap and automatic watch to look amazing to wear. It comes with water-resisting capability.



Overall Conclusion

All the above-listed watches are prestigious brands and widely used by men and women alike due to their beautiful design and impression these watches associate to men and women. These watches are available on the market. If you like anything from the above list, get your favorite watch now.


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