Best Electric Staple Guns For Upholstery 2020

(Last Updated On: November 7, 2020)

Electric staple guns also are known as powered stapler which is a portable & hand-held machine commonly used to fix metal staple pins into plastic, wood as well as use in masonry. It serves a variety of purposes & affixing different materials such as upholstery, carpeting, insulation, wiring & crafting materials. Generally, staple guns are divided into three types i.e. manually operated, electric using power as a source & pneumatic types of guns. The basic mechanism of work all types of staple guns are the same, however, the electric types of staple guns work quicker than manual ones.

Staple guns are proven to be useful to accomplish a number of jobs effortlessly & enable users to work continuously for hours without fatigue & stress. Special staple guns with long nose help to fix staples into corners & proven to be quite helpful in stapling electric wires without damaging them. A staple gun works almost similar to a hammer, but it automatically puts a pressure forward to affix the staples into a surface unlike in the case of the hammer where muscle power is exercised in such a case. It saves time, energy & does a job in a better way. We have compiled some of the best electric staple guns for upholstery in the article. We suggest you have a look at them.

Staple guns are quite useful to use at home for DIY projects & managing day to day repairs at home. It has proven to be useful in a number of jobs such as upholstery of furniture, adding fabric, carpeting, adding insulation sheets & much more daily household use. It is quite helpful in building drawers, shelves & wooden work at home. There are various models & designs of staple guns available on the market which offer different uses & choosing the right one which is multipurpose & easily accomplish all task is daunting.

Electric staple guns are quite comfortable to use & preferred by lots of people because these are powered by an electric source. Some of them are cordless & some have a cord, which makes it convenient to staple for a variety of purposes. It doesn’t require a user to use a force to staples & give you ease to use. These guns frequently used at home & for commercial purposes as well. It saves all of your problems related to upholstery applications & does the needful quite easily.

The market is full of product variations & there are plenty of options available on the market which makes it quite difficult for consumers to decide which one is perfect for them. Let us help the consumers to find economical, reliable & best electric staple guns that are perfect for upholstery. We have taken experts’ opinions, customers’ feedback about specific products & in-depth product analysis to bring out some of the best staple guns on the market. Consumers can find their pros, cons, & features of these products in order to decide which is more useful for them. Check out the list of the best performing electric staple guns on the market now.

Best Electric Staple Guns For Upholstery (Comparison)

Maestri ME 3G9 x 3 x 8 inches2.4 PoundsCheck Price
Roberts 10-6009 x 2.6 x 6.8 inches7.4 PoundsCheck Price
NEU MASTER NTC00409.5 x 2.7 x 10.5 inches5.2 PoundsCheck Price
Duo-Fast ENC-5418A9.5 x 7 x 2.8 inches7 PoundsCheck Price
KIMO14.4 x 11.3 x 4 inches (Package)6.2 PoundsCheck Price


Maestri ME 3G

It is designed for continuous professional use either on-site or in your workshops. Maestri ME 3G upholstery stapler gun is perfect & ideal & is so powerful, fast, & extremely lightweight, simple-to-use single-handed operation. This staple gun is particularly used for upholstery work & delivers all the required results you seek.

Maestri ME 3G professional fine wire electric stapler is extraordinary & ideal for long-term reliability. This upholstery gun has the ability to penetrate most furniture hardwoods. Most of the electric staplers from hardware stores shoot too largely & are not so powerful enough particularly for hardwood furniture frames, plywood & particleboard, but the performance of Maestri ME 3G is exceptional because of its heavy-duty feature. Maestri  ME 3G upholstery stapler gives adjustable air exhaust, which means that you can easily direct the air away from yourself & delicate work surfaces. This heavy-duty staple gun also offers the speed & the power you’ll need for construction applications, for instance installing insulation or laying down roofing felt, or putting up house wrap. This unique & versatile tool also offers the precision which is necessary for specialty tasks like screen door repair or finishing cabinet backs as well as crafting picture frames, etc.  Maestri ME 3G offers a well-balanced body & soft grips for user’s comfort. This electric staple gun is designed to sit evenly in your hand, allowing you to take on large, time-consuming jobs without any discomfort or fatigue. This product is reliable & highly recommended for all professionals & beginners.

Heavy-dutyLittle Pricey
Ideal for long term use
One hand operation


The Maestri ME 3G electric upholstery staple gun is strong & powerful enough to penetrate the hardwood. This heavy-duty design of an electric upholstery stapler efficiently provides outstanding driving power. Remember to keep your stapler in good shape always add about 4 drops of pneumatic oil to your upholstery staple gun each month to preserve the o-rings inside for better performance.



Roberts 10-600 Stapler

Roberts introduces a great tool for DIY projects & professional upholstery tasks at home. It is the best tool to use for carpeting & installing a variety of floorings at home. It is quick & ever ready with its 85 staple capacity & fast loading ability to do the job wonderfully. Its ergonomic build offers great grip while working with the machine, it incorporates plastic handles backed with rubber to add more control & comfort that hit the target precisely. With Roberts’ 10-600, you get to feel like a piece of cake in accomplish basic as well as advanced tasks, even you feel comfortable if you don’t have any experience of using such tools. It’s quite a powerful machine with a 15-amp of current which works impressively on dense woods & plastic as well. This versatile machine is suitable for all kinds of upholstery work. You can even use it on old furniture, wooden tiles & fixing the wiring at home. It equips 6.3/4 inches low-profile head which makes it easy for the machine to access small spaces & use it in narrow corners as well. This machine comes with a plastic carrying case with extra space for staples that perfectly fit for the small tools. It’s a heavy-duty machine that similarly works as a hammer mechanism & precisely hit the staples with perfection. The amazing thing about Roberts 10-600 stapler is that it works perfectly & non-stop for hours on leather type upholstery too, which makes this gadget ideal for professionals.

High capacity with quick releaseIt only works with Sure bonder staples
Strong grip & better control
Ideal for experts & beginners


Roberts 10-600 is the right answer when you are looking for a high-quality staple gun, though it has quite some weight yet it is a tough machine that can tackle all types of projects. With its quick stapling capability, it accomplishes any kind of job quickly. Highly recommended.



Neu Master NTC0040

Neu Master brings the best machine with so many features making it a multipurpose, multi-capacity & high-performance machine completing all types of jobs. It is a strong, durable & powerful machine which gives adjustable power design for hard & soft materials separately. It’s a corded machine with a soft grip handle to enable long hour usage without losing the grip on the machine. It has special safety pole settings which can only be triggered when fully pressed & avoid accidental use. The machine carries special no-mar rubber tip which doesn’t only protect the working surface but also avoids dents on the surface as well. The machine works perfectly & equips with 400pcs 1/4″ crown staples & 100pcs 18 gauge brad nails ranging in 5/8 to 1-1/4 inches for use in multiple projects.

The good thing about the Neu master NTC0040 is, it is easy & quick to clear in case it jams. All you need to do is, to disconnect the plug from the power source & let On/Off switch in Off position.  Afterward, take off the ”L” wrench from the pusher bracket & loosed the two hexagon screw on the head of the tool, carefully disassemble the front cover & middle panel then take out the stuck staple or nail with the tool. Finally, assemble the middle panel & front cover. Remember, read the manual to understand how much thickness this staple machine gun can handle to avoid jams.

Adjustable power makes it suitable for multiple tasksOrdinary nailing feature
Comfortable grip reduces vibration
Headlock prevents accidental firing


Neu Master electric stapler gives an ideal solution for upholstery, wooden work, carpeting, roofing & helpful in a variety of DIY home improvement projects. It’s safe design & builds deliver precise targeting which avoids accidental firing. This Neu master electric stapler is exceptional for upholstery & wooden handiwork.



Duo-Fast ENC-5418A

To finish the job on time & with perfection & according to your desire, it is important to have the right tool with you, because working with the right tool makes all the difference. Talking about a perfect tool, you could not ask for anything better then Duo-Fast ENC-5418A.

The Duo-Fast ENC-5418A electric stapler is equally beneficial especially for carpet installation & upholstery, as well as picture frame assembly. Many people think that ENC-5418A is a carpet stapler, but that’s not the fact. The manufacturer claims that the Duo-Fast ENC-5418A electric stapler is designed in such a way that it can be used not only for carpet installation but also for upholstery projects. Duo-Fast ENC-5418A tool is ergonomically designed for easy one-hand operation. This staple gun features a bottom loading magazine. It has a capacity of 84 staples. It comes with a durable nickel-plated magazine & a longer nose for heavy nap carpet.  This model has a 14 AWG cord for more power. Not only that the cord is much more flexible for cold weather use. Its industrial-grade quality & reliable performance makes it ideal for carpet installation & particularly for upholstery projects. Its compact & sleek design allows you to work under stairs without any hassle. The manufacturer added a long nose feature for better penetration. It is recommended to use the Duo-Fast 5400 series narrow crown staples for better results. Remember that this machine comes with 5000 staples along with decent & solid-looking carrying case.

Dual operation carpet & upholsteryThe magazine holds fewer staples
Finishes the job quickly
Elegant design


Duo-Fast is an extremely heavy-duty electric stapler that is preferred by most of the professionals for carpet installation & upholstery. It features a compact design which makes it convenient & perfect for stapling under risers & stair upholstery work. Even though its magazine holds fewer staples yet perfect for all tasks. Highly recommended tool.



KIMO Brad Nailer

This KIMO Brad nailer is considered as a 2-in-1 tool which offers the cordless operations without any noisy compressor and tangling wires. This KIMO machine equips the sturdy components to design the nail guns that offer you the stapling and mailing simultaneously both at the optimum price. The additional dual-mode options let you easily switch between the sequential and contact-actuation. The premium quality double-mode switch will let you control the adjustments. These two modes can alternate the single and burst shot functionalities, which means you can use either fire a single nail or bust more at the rate of 80 nails/min.

The brad nailer works on a Li-ion battery, which is a pollution-free source. Also, the specialized KIMO batteries are better than the ordinary Li-ion batteries as these provide a 1000-charging cycle. According to the test, you can charge the 2.0 Ah battery to full and covers a full 700 brads session with full power. Also, you don’t need to worry about the drying or malfunctioning of cells. The lightweight design and the adequate LED controls provide you an easy way to set up the device. There is a unique feature of front LED light, which offers easy nailing even in darker environments.

Compact and comprehensive designA little expensive
Only 6 lbs. in weight
2.0 Ah battery


The KIMO machines are fit for all kinds of tasks and big projects, work well in all kinds of Upholstery projects. Extremely powerful and highly recommended.



Overall Conclusion

Staple guns are useful & are very versatile tools, there is no question about it.  Even though most of the staple guns available on the market look quite similar to each other. But what are the components under the hood mattes. The quality of the staple gun counts at the end of the day.

Now, speaking of portability, electric staple gun models are the better way to go if you are looking to move the unit from one place to another frequently. Not only that, but also, if you are not comfortable with high levels of noise, & vibration, the only logical thing to do would be getting an electric gun stapler rather than a pneumatic one. Most of the electric staple gun comes in more simplistic design & concept, these units are not only considered to be quiet but also safe to work with.

We have also researched some of the best electric staple guns which are good for most for the daily tasks, especially for upholstery projects. You can choose & use anyone from these because these machines listed above are totally reliable & ideal for all hard looking tasks.


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